We are a Sydney based company

HobbyChemicals was started in 2012 to supply artists and hobbists who could not source small product quantities required for their crafts. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Where are your Certificate of Analysis?

    Certificates of Analysis (CoA) are provided by manufacturers for batches of their product and is only valid for a specific batch in production quantities supplied in unopened containers.

    As we are repacking many products we cannot provide a certificate of analysis unless you buy the unopened full container and my guess is then that you would not be buying from this website!  Some of the tests require sophisticated and dedicated equipment which I have no access to unless I send away for testing.

    We guarantee to our customers that all products sold are within required specifications outlined in the technical data tab of the individual products.

    Please note that the products should not be used for pharmaceutical or food application

  • Q: Can I pick-up the products from you

    No regretfully not.   Unfortunately I am away a lot of the time and can't wait for people to come by and pick up goods, even pick-ups after-hours are not possible.

    I use both Australia Post and couriers to send the goods. After your order has been received and paid for I will arrange the delivery as fast as possible .

  • Q: Who is behind HobbyChemicals

    I am a qualified Industrial Chemist and have been involved in various manufacturing industries for over 20 years. I have linked up with a number of manufacturers and end-users, in order to supply products to the very small user.

    These users are often disadvantaged because the volumes they require are too small for manufacturers to supply them direct.  This is especially true when they are just starting out. Our aim is to fill this need. Please let us know any requests you have and we will endeavour to make them a reality. You may not be the only person looking for it.

    There is however a caveat; don't ask for ingredients that can be used in either drug manufacturing or explosives.  We will not supply if there is any suspicion, that any of our products, are intended for any illegal products.

    All IP adresses and transactions are tracked and recorded and we will cooperate fully with any legal investigations.


  • Q:What happens if my order is returned to you

    Orders sent by Post or Couriers are returned when:

    • You gave us the wrong postage address
    • The mail carrier attempted delivery while you were not home and did NOT leave a note in your post box.
    • The mail carrier attempted delivery whilst you were not home and left a note in your postbox, but did you go to the post office to claim the mail....?
    • You did not ask us to specify on the parcel to "Leave at unattended address"
    • It is refused clearance by customs

    No matter what...when we receive the returned mail unopened in the original sent condition; we will issue you a full credit/refund for the products, but NOT the shipping or re-delivery costs

    for all Terms and Conditions please see the Terms & Condtions page here

We accept these cards

Through PayPal a number of credit cards are accepted , alternatively you can use your banks Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) to arrange for payment of our products and services
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Mobile-Phone-in-HandWhilst I am often away from my office please feel free to leave a text message on my phone and I'll try and get back to you as soon as possible.  Typically this will be after 18h00 or the next day. The best way to contact me is via email

Mobile: +61 (0) 490069282
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