AluDye Black BK excel

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AluDye Black BK excel  is a very stable dye in powder form for colouring thin anodised film. It gives fast striking neutral black shade on aluminium. It is highly recommended for exterior applications due to its outstanding light fastness, weathering and heat resistance. Due to high concentration of dye, the consumption is much lower than other black dyes resulting into lower cost of black anodizing of aluminium. AluDye Black BK Excel offers good levelling even at short immersion time.

Physical appearance Black to dark grey powder
Chemical description metalized azo dyes
Light Fatness 8+
Weather fastness Excellent
Heat Fastness Excellent
Hardcoat Compatible
RoHS Compliant


Chemical Properties

Anodic coating thickness 10 (minimum) – 25 microns.
pH Range 5.5 – 6.5
Dye bath temperature 60° ± 2° C
Immersion time 5 – 15 min. for normal applications
Preferred sealing Hobbychemical Hot sealant



Concentration, dyeing temperature and time

10 g/l is the required concentration to ensure a jet black external weather resistant colour


Colour; Concentration Dyeing temperature Dyeing time
AluDye Black BK excel dilute as per instruction, ensure pH is maintained at 6.0 +/- 0.5  60 °C 5-15 min



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