AnoDye Blue G

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Our AnoDye Blue G is an industrial standardised, water soluble dyestuff for the chemical adsorptive dyeing of anodised aluminium. Aluminium Ano Dye Blue G provides blue shades.

Technical Characteristics


Chemical Character Azo-dyestuff, metal complex, No heavy metal
Appearance fine granules
Density 600 g/l
Solubility in water 5 g/l at 20°C
Storage stability good , in closed original containers

Application conditions


Concentration, dyeing temperature and time

Concentration Dyeing Temperature Dyeing Time
Light Shades 0,1 – 0.5 g/l 25 – 60°C 2 – 10 min
Medium shades 0,5 – 1.0 g/l 25 – 60°C 5 – 15 min
Dark shades 1,0 – 3,0 g/l 25 – 60°C 20 – 30 min


Special Remarks

    • This dyestuff dyes very extensively
    • We can’t stress enough to remove all acid residues clinging to the work and to reduce acid retention in the oxide pore itself. Rinse work pieces thoroughly after anodising. A minimum of two rinses is recommended, with the second rinse at over-flow.  The dye baths are sensitive to sulphate and aluminium; anodised objects should therefore be rinsed thoroughly before dyeing..
    • The best dye-bath stability is achieved by :- cold dyeing (20 – 25 °C)- a pH not below 5,5- a high dye concentration (1 – 3 g/l)
      • Water sealing lightens the dyeing and it becomes slightly yellowish.
      • Ammonium compounds should not be used for controlling of the pH or to buffer dye bath solution.
      • The presence of ammonium compounds in the sealing solution may cause leaching and loss of colour.
      • Use sodium acetate for dye buffer.
      • Dye may be dissolved separately outside the dye bath. Use demineralized water for better dye bath stability.
      • The life of dye bath is reduced by water containing ammonium ions.

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