AnoDye Deep Black MLW

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AnoDye Deep Black MLW is an industrial standardised water soluble dye extensively used in the chemical adsorptive dyeing process of anodised aluminium. AnoDye Deep Black MLW provides a highly stable external jet black colour at standard coating thickness. For optimum results needs an anodic coating thickness of at least 12 µm to achieve jet black colour with a lightfastness of >9.

Technical Characteristics


Chemical Character Azo-dyestuff, metal complex
Appearance Black granule /may also be in powder form
Solubility 50.0 g/L @ 20C
Solubility in water Soluble at 20°C
Storage stability excellent, in closed original containers
Light Fatness 8+
Weather fastness Excellent
Heat Fastness 120° C.


Application conditions

Concentration, dyeing temperature and time

10 g/l is the required concentration to ensure a jet black external weather resistant colour

Colour; Concentration Dyeing temperature Dyeing time
AnoDye Black MLW 10 g/l is the required concentration; dilute as per instruction, ensure pH is maintained at 4.5 +/- 0.2  40-60 °C 15 – 30 min



Special Remarks

  • This Black dye dyes very extensively, does strike very fast at elevated temperature..
  • Needs an anodic coating thickness of at least 12 um to achieve jet black colour.
  • The best dye-bath stability is achieved by :
      • warm dyeing (40 – 60 °C)
      • a pH between  4.3-4,7
  • We can’t stress enough to remove all acid residues clinging to the work and to reduce acid retention in the oxide pore itself. Rinse work pieces thoroughly after anodising. A minimum of two rinses is recommended, with the second rinse at over-flow.  The dye-baths are sensitive to sulphate and aluminium; anodised objects should therefore be rinsed thoroughly before dyeing
  • Excellent light- and weather fastness properties
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor applications
  • Overdyeing by a subsequent electrolytic dyeing process possible
  • Designed for many architectural needs

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