AnoDye Fast Bronze L

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AnoDye Fast Bronze L

AnoDye® Fast Bronze L is a homogeneous, water soluble dyestuff for the adsorptive dyeing of anodized aluminium. Only recommended for interior use.

AnoDye Fast Bronze L produces shades of pink, gold, bronze and orange with excellent light fastness, even on thin anodic coatings.  Combinations of other colours with AnoDye Fast Bronze L enable duplication of the entire range of gold colours from brassy to copper-like tones.

The main applications for AnoDye Fast Bronze L are indoor applications and jewellery.

This dye is of special interest for the following applications:

  • short time dyeing
  • cold dyeing
  • dyeing of continuously produced oxide coatings (coil anodizing or similar thin coatings)
  • dyeing of cast parts of high silicon content
  • dyeing of oxide coatings with low adsorption power

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