AnoDye Gold N (F.A.O)

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AnoDye Gold N is a water-soluble product for the chemical dyeing of anodised aluminium in gold shades which exhibits high light, weather and heat fastness.

AnoDye Gold solutions can be used to produce gold shades of high light fastness.  The colour scale is dependent on the working method and has possible ranges from new silver to pale brass to gold tones of extremely varied degrees, even to brownish orange. The colour scale can be extended even to attractive browns by over dyeing with other colours.

Thanks to its high resistance, AnoDye Gold dyed aluminium can be used in a wide variety of industrial applications, e.g. the finishing of jewellery, audio-visual equipment, signs and nameplates, household articles.

Appearance greenish yellow powder
Storage stability Protect product from effects of light and moisture. Any lumps that may form have no influence on the product’s dyeing properties.
Solubility at 25°C: 430 g/l water

at 65°C: 750 g/l water

Bulk density 550 g/l
pH of product 4.0 ± 0.5 at 30 g/l


AnoDye Gold N (F.A.O)
AnoDye Gold N (F.A.O)

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