AnoDye Gold S

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AnoDye Gold S

AnoDye Gold S is an extremely versatile and easy use dye that produces a shade very close to genuine 14 karat gold. Its ability to dye thin anodic coatings at room temperature is one of its many advantages.. This colour is not recommended for outdoor applications or other situations where it is subjected to intense UV radiation

Technical Characteristics 


Chemical description Azo dye (powder)
Light fastness Rating: 5 (1=poor, 8=excellent)
Weather fastness Good
Heat fastness Moderate up to 150° C



Concentration 1.0 – 3.0 g/l
pH range 5.5 – 6.5
Buffering not required
Temperature 25° – 70° C
Immersion Time Depending on the shade desired, dye times could range from 2-10 minutes, but can only be determined by sampling in plant production

PRECAUTIONS: It is important to remove all acid residues clinging to the work and acid retention in the oxide pore itself. Rinse work load thoroughly after anodizing. A minimum of two rinses is recommended, with the second rinse at over-flow. Effective rinsing and normal care to eliminate drag-in are required for best results.To increase rinsing effectiveness, add vigorous air agitation in all rinse tanks. This also improves your rinsing of surfaces on complicated shaped parts

ENVIRONMENTAL CONSIDERATIONS: This is a RoHS compliant product that contains no heavy metals

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