AnoDye Golden Orange  RLW

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Aluminium AnoDye Golden Orange  RLW is an industrial, water soluble dyestuff for the chemical adsorptive dyeing of anodised aluminium. Aluminium AnoDye Golden Orange  RLW provides deep orange shades,


Technical Characteristics

Chemical Character Azo-dyestuff, metal complex. heavy metal free
Appearance fine granules
Light Stability 5-6  (1=poor, 8=excelent) not recommended for outdoor applications
Solubility in water 5 g/l at 20°C
Storage stability good , in closed original containers


Applicable condition are as:


Anodic coating thickness 10-25 microns
Concentration 3  g/l
temperature 55 – 60 C
pH Range  (optimum) 5.6 +- 0.2
Buffering Not necessary
Time 10-15 Minute
Water Quality preferably de –ionized; dyeing is also possible in tap water, but this can reduce the service life of dye bath

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