AnoDye Yellow 3GL

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AnoDye Yellow 3GL

Our AnoDye Yellow 3GL is an industrial standardised, water soluble dyestuff for the chemical adsorptive dyeing of anodised aluminium. Aluminium Ano Dye Yellow 3GL provides greenish yellow shades.  Single component granulated dye with outstanding fade resistance.  Produces a fluorescent-like yellow with a slight green cast

Technical Characteristics

Chemical Character Azo-dyestuff, metal complex  Heavy Metal Free
Appearance fine granules
Density 600 g/l
Solubility in water 100 g/l at 20°C
Light fastness 9+
Storage stability good , in closed original containers

Application conditions

Concentration, dyeing temperature and time




Dyeing Temperature


Dyeing Time


Light Shades


0,1 – 1.0 g/l


25 – 60°C


2 – 10 min


Medium shades


1,0 -2,0 g/l


25 – 60°C


10 – 20 min


Dark shades


2,0 – 3,0 g/l


25 – 60°C


20 – 30 min


Special Remarks

This dyestuff dyes very extensively

  • We can’t stress enough to remove all acid residues clinging to the work and to reduce acid retention in the oxide pore itself. Rinse work pieces thoroughly after anodising. A minimum of two rinses is recommended, with the second rinse at over-flow.  The dyebaths are sensitive to sulphate and aluminium; anodized objects should therefore be rinsed thoroughly before dyeing.
  • The best dyebath stability is achieved by :- cold dyeing (20 – 25 °C)- a pH not below 5,5 in buffered medium 8g/L Sodium Acetate/ 0.4mL  acetic acid (100%)- a high dye concentration (1 – 3 g/l)
  • Water sealing lightens the dyeing and it becomes slightly yellower.


Prevention of mould formation:

An addition of an antimicrobial product can inhibit mould formation  if you need to store the product for extended time. We recommend the addition of our Preservative B at a preservative level of 1-2 drops/l.

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