High Temperature Sealant

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High Temperature Sealant


our AnoDye High Temperature Sealant is a fully blended nickel acetate, specifically formulated to provide a high quality seal for dyed anodized aluminum.

  • Compatible with all aluminum dyes, no matter the source.
  • Excellent corrosion protection.
  • pH regulated
  • Contains a smut suppressant
  • Also suitable to seal clear anodize, hardcoat and electrolytic colored work.
  • Meets current ASTM test methods: B136, B680, B117
  • RoHS compliant
  • REACH compliant

2. Application instructions

Concentration 8-10 g/l
pH 5.2-5.9
Temperature 90-100°C
Seal time 10-25 minutes

3. Conditions for using

Sealant Tank Stainless steel or other acid resistant material that that can withstand a constant operating temperature of 210°F. Separate seal tanks for clear and dyed work.
Water quality Deionized
pH adjustments Lower with acetic acid. Raise with dilute ammonium hydroxide. pH should be checked once per shift with a calibrated meter.
Agitation Mild agitation to maintain a uniform solution temperature if operating on the lower end of the temperature range.
Filtration Field experience has shown that continuous filtration through a 5-35 micron filter is beneficial. Do not use a carbon filter.
Sealing time 2-3 minutes per 0.10 mil. oxide coating thickness.
Rinsing-before seal Two rinses, bottom fed at overflow
Rinsing-after seal Final rinse with good quality or deionized water at over flow.
Smut suppressant Dispersant can be added to the bath to delay the onset of seal smut.


4. Solution makeup

  1. Fill the tank ¾ full of deionized water.
  2. Adjust the pH to 5.2-5.5 with acetic acid.
  3. Add the required amount of AnoDye Sealant and mix thoroughly.
  4. Fill the tank to its final volume with more deionized water.
  5. Heat to operating temperature.
  6. Measure pH again and adjust if necessary.


5. Titration procedure

Reagents: Concentrated ammonium hydroxide (28-30%); Murexide indicator; 0.1 M EDTA Procedure:

1. Take a 25-ml cooled sample of working solution into 400 ml beaker.

2. Add 200-ml of water.

3. Add 10-ml ammonium hydroxide

4. Add a pinch of murexide indicator.

5. Titrate with 0.1 M EDTA until there is a permanent and distinct purple endpoint.

Calculation: g/l of AnoDye Sealant = ml of 0.1 M EDTA x 1.5


6. Product safety

We recommend that the company/operator read and review the Safety Data Sheet for the appropriate health and safety warnings before use.

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