Sodium Acetate Buffer

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Sodium Acetate Tri Hydrate

Weak alkaline, buffer substance for the pH stabilisation of organic anodising dyebaths

Sodium acetate

  • Is a weak alkaline buffering agent
  • Should or must be added to many anodising dyeing baths
  • Stabilises the pH range
  • Improves even adsorption of the organic dye
  • Some deeper tones can be created with it
  • Only 5-8 g/L buffer additive is required

As the pH value unavoidably changes during dyeing (e.g. due to anodising acid introduced, water hardness, evaporation etc.) buffer substances are added as a matter of preference to the dye bath. These buffers guarantee stable pH values over extended period and hence consistent colouring of end products. Local pH variations in dyeing baths (minor bath movement, complex shaped parts) can be reduced by buffer additives.

Major pH value deviation in a system without buffering influences adsorption of dyes and their lightfastness. If a small concentration of dye is used in the bath, the buffering substance ensures even adsorption.


Quantity used : 5-8 g/L

Between 5-8 g/L of sodium acetate is required. Dissolve the sodium acetate in five times (5x) the amount of water then pour into the dye bath. Adjust the pH value as required using acetic acid. When strengthening the dye bath add sodium acetate in proportion to the dye addition